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SvSAN is the virtual SAN that makes the complex world of virtualized storage simple. Perfect for edge computing environments, the technology is based on software-defined storage that eliminates the need for physical SANs. SvSAN is designed to be very simple to install and manage whether deployed as part of a hyperconverged solution or as a storage-only target for any server environment.


How does SvSAN work?

  •  Creates highly available shared storage across two nodes or more

  • Same code, regardless of hypervisor: vSphere, Hyper-V or KVM

  • Works on any x86 server, all types of storage and any CPU

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We believe enterprises deserve a one-stop approach to key management. SvKMS provides a single platform that manages all your encryption keys, anywhere.

Customers get an enterprise key manager for any encryption workflow, whether at the edge, datacenter, cloud or even multi-cloud. SvKMS has enterprise-grade features delivered in a simple to use interface - all at a surprisingly low cost.

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ARQvault is the first Active Intelligent Repository. Gather data anywhere, store it forever, and find it fast. Unique and important features of ARQvault include:

  1. ARQvault is a collection of vaults creating a federated repository. ARQvault software combines different and distributed storage resources into an integrated system shared across the network. Vaults consist of a server, storage, and ARQvault software.

  2. ARQvault is active. Secondary storage, such as LTO tape libraries and Sony optical systems, cloud storage, and even offline storage are all an active part of the repository. ARQvault knows where all the data is and can actively seek, find, and retrieve any data in real time.

  3. ARQvault is intelligent. ARQvault uses policies to automatically move data to different storage tiers and creates low-resolution proxies of high-resolution video, audio, and image files for fast search, playback, and viewing. The use of metadata and customizable fields, and integration with analytics packages, provides for rich data analysis and discovery of new relationships and business assets.

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"We had two locations requiring replication and vMotion and saw StorMagic SvSAN as a cost-effective solution that met our requirements. With the deployment of SvSAN we are able to have four servers set as two separate SvSAN clusters, located a few hundred metres apart across different buildings. As of today we've had zero issues, no split brain scenarios and I'm confident that I can go on holiday without downtime! StorMagic's technical team were great with advising us on upgrading the product and next year we might be looking to buy new StorMagic licenses."

- Ryan Anderson, IT Manager


“I would absolutely recommend StorMagic’s SvSAN. It’s ease of use, speed of deployment and management makes it a truly “set-and-forget” solution. We have virtually eliminated downtime associated with hardware failures since implementing SvSAN.”


- Dave Bradshaw, IT Infrastructure Manager



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