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5U84 AngleLeft revised Hi Res

Exos E 5U84 (JBOD)

Deliver peace of mind with features to protect data, including dual power supplies, fan modules, and I/O modules, as well as dual data paths to all drives Reduce power consumption with 80 PLUS Platinum certified power supplies and adaptive cooling technology Easily manage cables, universal ports, self-configuration controls, and standardized zoning Seamlessly expand to 336 drives as business grows Efficiently manage your data center with a 5U rackmount enclosure and unique drawer design that provides easy access to drives Maximum of 28.8GB/s in a dual controller configuration.

5U84 AngleLeft revised Hi Res

Exos X 5U84 (Array)

Expand a data center seamlessly with single enclosures that host up to 84 drives each and connect up to four enclosures that can host up to 336 drives (6.04PB using 18TB drives). Capacity varies with drives used. Efficiently manage hot and cold data with real-time data tiering option Deliver unfettered data access with dual redundant controllers capable of achieving up to 7GB/s sequential read, 5.5GB/s sequential write performance Rebuild drives faster than ever and reduce downtime with Seagate ADAPT data protection technology Opt for replication and snapshot features to meet critical enterprise requirements.

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Exos AP 2U24 (Storage & Compute convergence platform)

Small and mid-sized deployments High-bandwidth, low-latency environments 4K and 8K workflows, medical offices, surveillance Image sequence processing Hybrid tiered systems.

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