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Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HC3)

If you are looking to refresh your on premise server/storage infrastructure and/or considering an Edge approach Scale Computing Platform is an edge-to-core infrastructure platform that combines everything you need: virtualization, servers, storage, and backup/disaster recovery with powerful fleet management. It’s the first of its kind, and it is saving organizations of all sizes significant amounts of time and money.

Data Center Solutions

The time is right to consider the Scale Computing Data Center HC3 solution when you are going through a server and/or storage refresh. The economics alone when comparing the Scale Computing Data Center Solution to a traditional VMWare environment is compelling enough to consider it as a viable alternative. When the other elements of performance, ease of use, and the overall operational efficiency the solution is absolutely compelling. There are hundreds of very satisfied customers across a wide variety of vertical markets including education, financial, state and local government, manufacturing retail and more. Let us know – Talk to Tim to learn more about this solution.

Edge Infrastructure Solutions

The Edge Series includes the HE100 and HE500 families that are designed for edge computing and small remote sites. Edge computing encompasses any physical computing infrastructure intentionally located outside the four walls of the datacenter. Storage and compute resources can be placed where they are needed while hosted on a minimal hardware footprint. Infrastructure at the edge collects, processes, and reduces vast quantities of data, acting as a high performance bridge from local computing to both private and public clouds.

Popular Use Cases

A couple of the more popular applications that have embraced the Scale HC3 solution are Video Surveillance and VDI deployments leveraging the GPU technology. The light weight nature of the Scale Computing solution along with its scalability make it a natural fit for these two application platforms since they tend to grow in the number of cameras and users. The entire Scale Computing Family of models work seamlessly in single or multiple node clusters providing flexibility and simplicity at the same time easily managed with a minimum of system admin cycles.

Video Surveillance


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