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Qualstar has been a major player in the practical implementation of Big Data solutions for more than two decades! Their tape libraries include models ranging from entry-level to enterprise, and all models offer the advantages that have made Qualstar an industry leader:

Cost-effective – typically offering the best price/performance available, with no hidden costs such as slot licensing fees

High reliability – hot-swappable, redundant component options, as well as an optional independent monitoring system designed to ensure the dependability of both your stored data and the tape library itself

Best warranty – standard no-cost three-year warranty, unrivalled in the industry

"Green" and mean – optimized for low power consumption using Qualstar's own high efficiency N2Power brand of power supplies wherever applicable

Convenient growth path – field-expandable systems to increase your storage capacity as your business needs grow

Online remote support – advanced software tools enable our top-notch technical support team to diagnose issues no matter where your system is located








                                     Additional Datasheets

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 - Q24 Datasheet
 - Q40 Datasheet
 - Q48 Datasheet
 - Q80 Datasheet
 - XLS Datasheet

Many companies use disk-based systems for short-term backup and tape systems for long-term data retention. This approach provides the benefit of staging recently generated data on a disk backup system, providing simpler restores, while leveraging tape’s lower TCO (total cost of ownership) for long-term data retention and archiving.


Additionally, tape is the primary element in most disaster recovery and business contingency plans, with tapes being stored off-site in case of fire, sabotage, natural disaster, or other such calamities.