• Tim F Neary

We All Know That We Need A Layered Approach To Protect Our Data Assets. Right?

The world of Cybersecurity, backup and restore, disaster recovery are all individually simple in concept but collectively the permutations and combinations can leave you exhausted and confused. The worst part is after you dive into these turbulent waters and deploy some of the available solutions you may still be vulnerable to some crafty data criminals.

An observation I have experienced many times is just how crowded the respective spaces of fire walls, end point protection, server protection, backup software, backup hardware are, not to mention the ‘cloud’ options. So, our challenge is to approach each of these pieces individually and determine how effectively they all compliment each other to reach our end game – successful RESTORE.

The ability to recover from a man-made/self-inflicted event, natural disaster or a malicious ransomware attack is all predicated on having a healthy, ‘current’, available backup to restore from.

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