• Tim F Neary

Steps to Take to Protect YOUR Company Jewels

So, we continue to hear in the media the drama resulting from criminals taking control of data center operations by gaining access to companies’ data and subsequently encrypting the backup data - RANSOMWARE. As we all understand by now the criminals will contact the powers to be in the organization demanding some ridiculous amount of ransom in the form of crypto currency in exchange for the keys to enable the victims to regain use of their backup data to enable them to restore their systems.

There are some fundamental actions that need to be taken to protect organizations not only from themselves but criminally motivated individuals. For the life of me I just don’t understand why the priority of addressing backup and recovery continues to be as low it is. I have been working in this space for over 35 years and have come to a couple fairly simple steps to protect your backups that can be used in the event of any event rendering productions systems unavailable.

I will hit these topics in my next several blogs:

· 3-2-1 Approach

· Immutable offsite/off network copy

· Object Lock


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