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Server Refresh Considerations Part II – Acquisition

I had posted a quick blog several weeks back that was fairly well read on Server Refresh Considerations. An area that I did not dive into but alluded to was that when folks are reviewing workloads and the performance profiles that are currently running on their aging servers’ is ‘Should I run these off-premise (cloud) or should I run them in my own data center or in a co-location facility that will deliver rack space, power, cooling and internet connectivity?’

One of the things that the hyper converged infrastructure (HCI) solutions offer is simplicity derived from converging the hypervisor, storage, compute and the associated network to enable all of the pieces to work in concert. The operational efficiency of the system lend itself to a single interface to manage all of the nodes in the cluster(s) across the environment -delivering simplicity. Many of our customers have very limited staff (in the number of folks) and they are tagged with a wide variety of tasks and simplifying the support of the storage and server (hypervisor) is huge. Frankly, that is a major factor that our clients face when considering a server and storage refresh and why the off-premise solutions(cloud) are even considered in the first place. At first glance, the different cloud offerings appear attractive until they take a closer look at some of the hybrid approaches. When I talk about a hybrid approach, I am really speaking of a mix of on premise and off-premise equipment.

When it is determined how we would recommend deploying the IT infrastructure, it has turned out that a combination of HCI (on-premise) and storage (off-premise) can be cost effective – we are assuming here that the storage piece of this solutions does not incur any egress charges. (Wasabi).

An affordable approach that we are able to offer is to lease the on-premise infrastructure for an appropriate term say 36 months and include all of the maintenance across the same term (36 months) with a buck out option. Then set up a three-year subscription for the appropriate storage capacity in the Hot Cloud platform (Wasabi). We have recently partnered with a financing company that specializes in IT equipment and offers very attractive terms.

OK, if you are looking to refresh server and storage or considering moving your workload to the cloud, as always feel free to Talk To Tim.

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