• Tim F Neary

NAS Is SAN Backwards 😊

The reason I am blogging in the first place is I find this IT space fascinating and at the same time I believe we IT folks take ourselves entirely too seriously sometimes. So I was relaxing over the weekend with my wife in the pool and for some reason we got to talking about these crazy short blogs I keep throwing out here. So, she said, “Did you ever notice NAS is just SAN backwards?” Of course my first reaction was, well not really. She retorted well, it certainly is S-A-N and N-A-S.

OK so I am entertained by my witty wife and always looking for material, so this struck me funny and got me to thinking about all of the acronyms we have in this space. I believe as many or more than any other discipline. My father many years ago being an engineer at an Aerospace Company and dependent on TI to deliver specific services became extremely frustrated with all of the acronyms the IT folks threw around. He would say, "They do that just to confuse everyone, so they can charge whatever they want and justify their existence." Dad’s division was charged back against his own budget for those services and when he inquired about how they came up with the numbers the acronyms started flying – no pun intended.

In today’s world of “Just Google it” the acronym challenge is not nearly as daunting.

OK this is a bit off our regular track but don’t ever lose your sense of humor 😊.

We in doubt, Just ask Tim

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