• Tim F Neary

Considering A New Backup Strategy?

It is always a good time to review the backup operations and oh… can you..restore from the backups you are creating?

The worst possible time to realize that your backups suck is when you experience an event that is self-imposed, mother nature imposed or the loudest guy in the room these days RANSOMWARE.

Ensuring your backup environment’s health is technically competent and effective (can you restore from the backups you are creating) is a subject that has always been the last to budget for if ever and it is expected to be the effective first line of defense when things go wrong. It has always perplexed me that this is the case more times than not.

In today’s world you would have to be an ostrich if you are not aware of the cyber-criminal activity that is going on right? If you search a myriad of statistics including how much did the ransom demand, what percentage of folks pay the ransom, what is the remediation cost if the ransom is not paid…on and on the numbers are just plain STUPID – with three U’s).

So, at the end of the day all the noise about ransomware is frankly just another reason to be diligent in protecting your data with solid best practices 3 – 2 – 1 Baby😊!!!.

Strategic Storage Solutions would love the opportunity to chat if you are considering a new Backup Strategy – Just Talk to Tim

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