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NEOxl 40 front

NEO XL (XL40 & XL80)

Overland-Tandberg “best in class” data storage and archive solutions enable organizations, of all sizes, to securely manage and protect their digital assets. Our superior technologies and services expertise translate into data management solutions that are powerful, yet easy to use. Flexible – Grow into, not out of, your storage The scalable design of the NEOxl Series allows system administrators to customize their backup and archive solution by starting out with either a 3U, 40-slot or 6U, 80-slot single-drive library and scaling to as many as 560 slots and 42 tape drives. The seamless design of NEOxl libraries allows you to add both data cartridges and tape drives as you scale, instead of requiring you to choose between capacity or performance. The scalable design of NEOxl libraries not only allows users to easily scale the library into a larger configuration, but it also enables simplified redeployment of individual modules into smaller applications. This flexibility makes NEOxl Series the most ideal, cost-effective solution for any midrange or enterprise environment.

NEO T24 front 1

NEO S (Loader and T24)

Simple Web-based remote management provides easy and convenient administration from anywhere in the world. Removable cartridge magazines enable easy access to tapes, reduce media handling costs and facilitate offline storage of your data for offline security and disaster recovery purposes. Standard barcode readers reduce media inventory times and simplify media management. Mail slots deliver easy, secure access to individual tape cartridges without interrupting library operations. NEOs tape drives are easily added, removed or replaced, providing the flexibility to adapt to changing data storage requirements. Compact Available in rack-friendly 1u and 2u form factors, NEOs packs 8 or 24 tapes into a 1U or 2U rack space. The ability to store so much data in such a small space minimizes the use of valuable rack space and reduces your overall cost of ownership.

LTO Media

  • High capacity, with as much as 45TB of compressed data stored on each LTO cartridge
  • Integrated cartridge memory for enhanced drive performance, holds information usable by applications and aids serviceability
  • The durable cartridge reduces damage during transport, enriching the media reliability. 
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