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Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Since 2009 Nutanix has been working on its Hyperconverged infrastructure software, cloud services and software-defined storage. Nutanix melds public and private cloud operations to enable powerful hybrid clouds.


IT teams can seamlessly manage applications across clouds, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. 



 Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV)

Based on proven open-source Linux virtualization, AHV delivers everything you would expect from a virtualization solution - without the cost and complexity.

Tested and ready for the enterprise: high performance, flexible migrations, self-healing security configuration, automated data protection with disaster recovery, and rich analytics. 

With robust, integrated management features, AHV is a lean virtualization solution with no software bloat, no costly shelfware, and no hidden extra costs.

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Nutanix Prism

Eliminate management silos with a single intelligent view into your global infrastructure. Like AOS, Prism is built on a scalable architecture that scales with your business and keeps itself protected.

Prism lets you manage your entire environment through a single, elegant console. Simplify monitoring and remediation with an end-to-end, application-centric view of your network—from every node in the cluster to VM-specific details. Maintain control over resources with role-based access control (RBAC), and automate workflows with Prism’s comprehensive REST APIs.

Nutanix Prism Datasheet

Nutanix Mine

Nutanix Mine extends both the management plane and the data fabric of Nutanix AOS to now run data protection functionality and backup target storage in a turn-key solution, being able to backup environments where Nutanix is the primary infrastructure as well as any virtualized environment.

Nutanix invented Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) to eliminate complexity typically found in the data center, by collapsing compute, storage, networking and management into a single solution. Nutanix Mine eliminates similar complexity found in traditional data protection environments, by collapsing the compute and storage into a single platform, and eliminates the need for traditional archiving devices like tape drives. Nutanix has added native integration with several leading backup vendors, such as Veeam, HYCU and Unitrends.

Nutanix Mine Datasheet


Nutanix Xi Beam

Take control of your public and private cloud environments with Xi Beam. Easily identify and fix cloud security vulnerabilities and cost leaks in multi-cloud environments.

Leverage Xi Beam to identify and fix cloud security issues in real-time—before they affect your business. Get right-sizing information on your resources to keep cloud costs under control.

Eliminate Cloud Security Vulnerabilities

Automate compliance checks for cloud operations using 250+ audits to identify security loopholes. Xi Beam’s customizable, policy-based automation ensures that security issues are identified—and fixed—in real-time. Beam also provides compliance checks for regulatory policies such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, CIS, and more, delivering complete cloud security compliance.

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