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ExaGrid’s appliances are deduplication storage targets for all industry leading backup applications. ExaGrid can take backups in from:

- Traditional backup applications
- Specialized backup utilities
- Virtualized backup applications
- SQL and Oracle RMAN dumps
- UNIX tar files









Exagrid Storage Backup Solution - Veeam Availability




DCIG's PAR Report Comparing Exagrid to Data Domain

HYCU and Exagrid-Hyperconverged Backup for Nutanix


ExaGrid allows IT departments to use any combination of industry leading backup applications, utilities and database dumps to a single ExaGrid system. ExaGrid grows as your data grows. ExaGrid has various sized appliance models and up to 25 appliances can be mixed and matched in a single GRID system.

"We like the security features that ExaGrid provides, and its functionality with Veeam, especially that backups are only accessible from the Veeam server, so if there is a ransomware attack on a network, the ransomware can’t encrypt your backup." Markus Mösch, Head of IT Infrastructure, Pestalozzi Group


ExaGrid’s full appliances in a GRID is a scale-out storage approach for backup that brings full server resources (processor, memory, and bandwidth) with all capacity. This approach ensures a fixed backup window as data grows and eliminates expensive forklift upgrades in the future.

An ExaGrid system can scale to 1PB in a single GRID system. All appliances onsite and offsite at the disaster recovery site are managed under a single user interface. ExaGrid can cross-protect up to 16 data centers in a hub-and-spoke topology with cross-site replication. The flexible scalability coupled with appliance models of various sizes allows IT organizations both large and small to buy what they need as they need it.