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We have a deep understanding of the needs of small to medium enterprise users when it comes to data storage and IT infrastructure. In this blog environment, we’ll share our expertise in IT Solutions, show you the best practices to implement, as well highlight some of our vendors who share the same passion we have regarding delivering quality IT Solutions that are reliable, consistent, dependable and affordable.

Server Refresh Considerations Part II – Acquisition

I had posted a quick blog several weeks back that was fairly well read on Server Refresh Considerations. An area that I did not dive into but alluded to was that when folks are reviewing workloads and the performance profiles that are currently running on their aging servers’ is ‘Should I run these off-premise (cloud) or should I run them in my own data center or in a co-location facility that will deliver rack space,

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NAS Is SAN Backwards 😊

The reason I am blogging in the first place is I find this IT space fascinating and at the same time I believe we IT folks take ourselves entirely too seriously sometimes. So I was relaxing over the weekend with my wife in the pool and for some reason we got to talking about these crazy short blogs I keep throwing out here. So, she said, “Did you ever notice NAS is just SAN backwards?”

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Considering A New Backup Strategy?

It is always a good time to review the backup operations and oh… can you..restore from the backups you are creating? The worst possible time to realize that your backups suck is when you experience an event that is self-imposed, mother nature imposed or the loudest guy in the room these days RANSOMWARE. Ensuring your backup environment’s health is technically competent and effective (can you restore from the backups you are creating) is a subject

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We Listen To The Smart Guys!!

So the other day I heard something that really resonated with me –“So if you find that you think you are the smartest guy in the room – you should go to a different room.” I really love that and I realized after looking at that and contemplating it – I have a lot to learn and there a lot of smart people out there in this space that I can learn from. I had

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Tape Just Won’t Go Away😊

I remember some 20 + years ago (prior LTO1) there was all kinds of noise that tape is dead and mainframes were going the way of the dinosaur. Well, the mainframe has taken a back seat to other compute platforms but with LTO9 announced and a road map exceeding LTO12 it doesn’t appear that tape is going anywhere soon for several key reasons, Capacity, Performance/Throughput and Off Network (anti-Ransomware). Capacity: The reality is that ½

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Server Refresh Considerations

‘Tis the season’. We have seen a significant uptick in folks looking to refresh their servers. I am sure there are a number of reasons for this beyond the natural aging process of older technology. The workloads that these servers were originally purchased for has certainly evolved with the shifting of workloads to accommodate a growing remote workforce. There has always been a need to support remote workers and it cannot be argued that the

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Worldwide Component Shortages & Extended Lead Times

Updated: Jul 3, 2021 Just when we start seeing the beginning of the end of the Covid-19 pandemic from a social interaction perspective we are now at the front end of dealing with shortages ranging from lumber to power supplies. In the case of critical components needed for the fabrication and manufacturing of storage systems component shortages exasperated with the overall shut down of the world’s manufacturing capacity except for those roles deemed ‘essential’ we

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We All Know That We Need A Layered Approach To Protect Our Data Assets. Right?

The world of Cybersecurity, backup and restore, disaster recovery are all individually simple in concept but collectively the permutations and combinations can leave you exhausted and confused. The worst part is after you dive into these turbulent waters and deploy some of the available solutions you may still be vulnerable to some crafty data criminals. An observation I have experienced many times is just how crowded the respective spaces of fire walls, end point protection,

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Steps to Take to Protect YOUR Company Jewels

So, we continue to hear in the media the drama resulting from criminals taking control of data center operations by gaining access to companies’ data and subsequently encrypting the backup data – RANSOMWARE. As we all understand by now the criminals will contact the powers to be in the organization demanding some ridiculous amount of ransom in the form of crypto currency in exchange for the keys to enable the victims to regain use of

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