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Strategic Storage Solutions has partnered with an innovative company that focuses on Security Operations Center as a Service. Arctic Wolf takes cyber protection to the highest level for our target customers while keeping the cost to a minimum through an affordable concierge subscription model delivering the following capabilities:

• Detect and respond to advanced security threats in real time
• Leverage the expertise of an experienced security staff to improve your overall security posture
• Work with a named security engineer who understands your IT environment and business risks
• Reduce the costs associated with protecting your IT environment
• Focus on the business knowing a trusted provider has your back

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Cybersecurity Staffing Challenges

Staffing is arguably the most challenging aspect of building a self-managed SOC. Threat detection and response require security experts with knowledge of the latest attack vectors, access to global threat intelligence, and in-depth knowledge of your IT infrastructure. The demand for security experts outstrips the supply, and the challenge of retaining these security professionals in the current hot job market can make it difficult to build a mature knowledge base. AWN CyberSOC™ is anchored by Concierge Security Engineers and includes 24×7 monitoring, custom alerting and incident investigation and response.


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“AWN Cyber-SOC is worth its weight in gold. For less than the cost of one

full-time person, we get the services of an advanced state of the art security

operations center."


- Sean Merrell, Network Administrator, Stevens Aviation

“My Arctic Wolf security engineer is truly an extension of my IT team, and

has detected phishing attacks that bypassed our existing prevention tools

twice in the first few weeks. I could not have achieved visibility into our

security posture within my budget without Arctic Wolf.”


- Tim Johnson, Director of IT, Hornblower Cruises & Events

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