Strategic Storage Solutions was founded in 2002 by Tim Neary. Tim worked 20+ years prior to starting Strategic Storage Solutions in a variety of roles in the IT space. He worked as an end user technician then moved to the vendor side wearing a number of hats including, systems engineer, account manager, major account manager, and sales management with a variety of companies including EMC, StorageTek and others. He started Strategic Storage Solutions with a focus on identifying data storage and infrastructure solutions for you, the small to medium enterprise users, primarily because the legacy storage and IT infrastructure vendors were not bringing affordable, feature rich products to these users.

Today, we continue to investigate new and emerging technologies that are relevant and can deliver cost effective alternatives to that same community of users as well as enterprise folks that have grown tired of some of the legacy vendors. We have been fortunate to partner with some very innovative manufacturers that share our passion for delivering quality solutions consistent with our branding – reliable, consistent, dependable and affordable.

Major trends in the IT infrastructure space have made the landscape much more confusing. We have been tracking these trends and they include accelerated adoption of SSD, hyperconverged infrastructure, on and off-premise cloud solutions, object storage adoption, cybersecurity, and everything as a service, just to name a few. These trends have value in the overall goal of accomplishing more for less or they simply evolve into something else.

Tim has been heard re-stating that old adage:

“God gave you two ears and one mouth, use them proportionately.”

We see that the our vision in 2002 is still very relevant today if not more so due to the significant technological advances over the past two decades as well as the social changes that have impacted the workforce. We would appreciate participating in your digital transformation as a trusted advisor.

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